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Instructions and Help about converting from 1023 ez to 1023

All right so I got my new planter here and I need to fabricate quickhitch for it so basically I need to duplicate this this quick hitch dimensions so that I can just back up and quick hitch to that and go which I've done this for several implements now you could see this one I had to fabricate this cop weld all this junk here so that it fits this right here this is the quick hitch that I've been using it's john deere one I like it better than the generic ones but anyways I have to get everything to line up just right so I can back right into it and by no means of my any kind of professional welder fabricator I just know enough to be dangerous but to do things like bar side it looks like he's got the dimensions right on the width of the two bases which is a huge head start this one's just a little bent if I can I might heat it and bend it back just a little but then I have to make the top of this which he's definitely way off on what he's got here for the top links so that's going to take a little bit of work the good news is he pretty much knew what he was doing these bottoms I mean they're a quarter to three eighths inch off pretty much anyway a measure them whether it's from here to the ground but the important part is I thought it was going to dog track but from it so in other words from from here to this frame they're a little bit off however from here to the frame of the planter they're pretty close to dead-on so it shouldn't dog track I thought when I pitched up it would dog track a little but it's pretty good so I don't think I got a dink with this at all it's just going to be this top part figuring out the right distance and the right width of the steel on the top here I don't recall what it was exactly for the hitch off measure that up but it's a good start here that this is already pretty well the trick here now is obviously you get the top piece centered and you want the distance the same from that one to that one you can be off up to probably almost a half inch and I'll show you why because this top you if it's if you want all the weight supported on the bottom to which almost all implements are this top one is just a stabilizer this way so you've got here you've got a little bit of play ideally you want to get them all three flat and holding but I don't have a precision workshop most of you guys don't either so if you get it to where these two are both sitting flat.