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What is the Income tax slab for authors (fiction) in India? And if he earned more than the exempted money, which ITR Form would he have to fill?
Author is a Individual Person, so he will come under the individual slab rates and based upon age of the person slab rates are differentiated in three stages.Below 60 years of age.Above 60 years of age and not more than 80 years of age.Above 80 years of age.Individual Slab rates you can visit this site http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in...Author is being a Profession, you are required to file ITR - 4 Subject to the provisions of Section 44AB of Income Tax Act, 1961.In case if your Gross Receipts are not exceeding two crore per annum, you have to file ITR - 4S where you are required to declare your income Under Section 44AD of Income Tax Act, 1961.
Is it true that humans only use 10% of their brains?
Nope. Saying something like that effectively screams ‘I haven’t thought about this’. Either that, or the speaker is being ironic (as Clement Bezemer is in asking me about one of my pet peeves here).Here is a ‘brain scan’. Don’t ask ‘which type?’. Don’t ask ‘how is the data processed?’. Don’t ask ‘what are the experimental conditions?’. This shows a person using their brain, right? Look!See? The bits on fire are where their soul is, and it’s touching those bits of the controls like Joy and Sadness in Inside Out. They can only use 10% because the controller can only operate 1% with each of their 10 fingers (and that’s only if the pineal gland isn’t calcified! If it is then they can only work one-handed).It’s science, people! Actually it’s the most insightful and sympathetic parody of cognitive psychology I’ve seen.Anyway, the explanation I’ve given above should be good enough for anyone saying ‘we only use 10% of our brains’, and given six months they might even incorporate the jokes I just told there as serious justifications of that statement via the phenomenon of false memories. Remember that time you read an article on Memory Distortion? No you don’t, I’m just messing with you.This was the article. Maybe you did read it after all? Doesn’t the title look familiar? Check it again. You’ve read that before!This is the thing about brain science - everybody thinks they know something about it, because everyone believes they have a brain, and that entitles them to knowing something about it.The really scary thing is that only a tiny portion of patients have ever had their cranium opened while they are conscious and seen proof of that. All the rest just believe with blind faith, or say that the funny pictures the people who charged them lots of money for a ride in their noisy tunnel shows their brains are right there in their heads - behind their eyes.Think about that for a second. What a great scam!That’s what’s really behind the iron curtain of the skull. Hence, the computational theory of mind is more popular among Mac users…But to return to the beginning - the scan I showed you is a Blood Oxygentation Level Dependent Functional MRI image presented by the wonderful CREST-Brain Imaging Team in Japan who contribute to the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. They are tasked with quantifying neurological phenomena in order to enable non-invasive information transfer from cerebral tissues to (for example) computer interfaces. Miguel Nicolelis at Duke University is another leader in this area.So, if anyone would know how much of the brain ‘people use• it would be these guys.However, like anyone with even minimal expertise here knows, there is no way to separate a ‘person• from the operations of a brain in functional terms - so the statement is stupid to start with - but more importantly 100% of brain tissues are doing exactly what those brain tissues do 100% of the time.The various excursions from background levels of activity that are represented (with time delays, mind you) by changes in cellular metabolism are only ever phenomena that are associated with sets of conditions.For this reason the person who says we use 10% of our brains can be said to be demonstrating exactly such a state - which is anything but normal, and thankfully impossible.Oh, and the brain scan up there shows the sort of areas that are more active in REM Sleep. People don’t ‘use• much stuff when they’re like that.Opening the third eye will give a clear internal view of the scatiform gullibulonea. It’s a structure that usually becomes obsolete in infancy, but apparently it can become dominant in some adults.
If I sign a blank check and give it to someone, they fill it out for a lot, more than I expect, what can I do?
Issue a stop payment order to the Bank on which it is drawn. Please note that you may have to file the order with the home branch that too expeditiously. But, don’t ever give a blank signed cheque to any one. When you give it away, you will come to know of the amount filled in only after the cheque is paid. It is highly unlikely that you will come to know of this beforehand. The cheque will be bounced if a larger sum than the amount available in the account is filled & presented for payment. Such an event would affect your credit score & there is a likelihood of proceeding against you in a court of law. Issuing a blank signed cheque is fraught with multiple risks. So, don’t ever even imagining of doing it.
What might happen if no individual was allowed to earn more than twice the lowest paid individual?
Then the highest amount that anyone can earn is zero.The lowest paid people on Earth don’t earn anything at all, that’s a fundamental fact of ecological systems (of which human economics are a subset) which will never change, no matter what.What happens when it is impossible for anyone to earn anything?It means that everyone who can’t survive independently in the state of nature by their own efforts has to depend completely on the charity of others…who also earn nothing for their efforts. Only about 1% of humans are even intelligent enough to survive without transactional relationships in society. Of those, only a fraction have the physical abilities necessary to make use of their problem-solving skills.So something like 99.9% of the human race cannot survive. In their desperation, they illustrate the mindset of this question and try to take what they need from the tiny minority capable of independent survival activity. But this only kills off most of the remaining 0.1% who could have survived on their own.But only most of them. After about 99.999% of the human population has died off, there are still some naturally fit and intelligent survivors left.The first thing they do is revoke the stupid rule that killed everyone else.
What would happen if to a black hole if you theoretically dumped more mass on it than it could consume and "spit out" at it's poles?
A black hole can absorb any amount of mass. The description you offer for jets of matter at the poles comes from the orbiting of matter (accretion disk) on the way to the black hole interacting as it spirals downward, not from the black hole itself.The problem is that most mass that is eventually absorbed by a black hole is not headed straight into the gravity well. It's path of movement is bent by gravity from a near-miss into an orbit, which eventually falls all the way to the event horizon.The squeezing of this orbiting matter does...something. Still an area of science under investigation. But it seems that matter and energy escape from the poles of that accretion disk at very high speeds, polar jets as they are known.But this is not a jet of matter expelled by the black hole itself. Indeed, if all of the matter would just politely dive straight in, there would be no accretion disk or jets. The black hole would just endlessly and instantly eat anything that crossed the event horizon, gone forever with no trace of it ever again.
What happens in China if you were discovered to transfer more than $50k per annum out of China?
If you are a Chinese citizen, you will not have the way to transfer more than $50k in one year.Yes, legally, no way.If you ask a banker for help, he/she will not do it for you.However, there are several ways which can make it. I mean, you can get more than $50k at last.But those ways are not “you” to do it(e.g. you can find some other people to transfer money to you, each of them can transfer $50k).So, it’s literally illegal, but not really illegalSo, now, nothing happens.HOWEVER, you do these things as a job, or make money from it, or you transfer tooooooo much money, you will get trouble.
What would happen if I faint and there is no one to assist me? Moreover, the fainting event leaves me out for more than a few seconds.
You pick yourself up and carry on. If you are not able to get back on your feet by yourself, you may have to wait for a passer-by or use your cell phone to call 911. EMTs make a lot of calls to pick people up after a fall.If you hit your head or injured another part of your body, you should probably go to an emergency room. It wouldn’t hurt to see your doctor to figure out why you fainted and what can be done about it.
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